We extract chalk from ecologically clean deposits in the Belgorod region

Chalk Mountain. Village Vatutino, Russia

Belgorod region (Russia) rightfully bears its beautiful name, because there is really a lot of chalk here!

For example, chalk deposits can be found not only in chalk factories, but even in settlements.

The cleanest deposits are often located far from large settlements.
For example, the deposit of everyone’s favorite variety “Vatutin”. It is located in the small village of Vatutino, in the homeland of General Nikolai Fedorovich Vatutin.
By the way, his house is maintained in excellent condition and is a historical monument (photo below).

The Belgorod region is annually recognized as one of the cleanest regions in Russia. The black earth in combination with chalk deposits makes the local soil very fertile.

The chalk in this region is considered the best in the world! First of all, it has a high degree of purity and a normal moisture level. Secondly, there are no salts and toxic contaminants in the chalk. Therefore, chalk from the Belgorod deposits is not bitter and not salty, as chalk from other regions of Russia and Ukraine tastes like.

We extract chalk in the Starooskolskoye, Novooskolskoye deposits, in Valuyki, as well as at other deposits in the Belgorod region: Vatutino, Vasilpolye, Sevryukovo quarry and some others.

The Belgorod region has a large area, and the quarries are scattered throughout its territory. This creates certain transport difficulties in the extraction of several varieties, which ultimately cannot but affect the cost of edible chalk.
Moreover, in our online store you can buy food chalk at an affordable price.

The chalk that you buy in our online store is mined by hand, because we carefully select only the cleanest and best places for its extraction!